Below are a list of presentations I am currently doing. Please see the list here for other suggestions/previous presentations

Triple P

  • Standard seminar series - Parents of children 0-12 years
  • Teen seminar series - parents of teens

Both series are 3 x 1.5hr seminars and cover a range of topics relating to raising children/teens, developing strong relationships, encouraging positive growth in our children. More information about the seminars can be found at Triple P

I am available to run these seminars at schools, child care centres or with parenting groups. The cost for 3 seminars is $800 and are most successful in a group of approximately 30 parents

Professional development for school psychologists, counsellors and pastoral care staff

  • Full day workshop for school psychologists and counsellors covering: developing the ability to be an agile clinician, proactive engagement with policy, procedure and systems, and real world application of research and the scientist-practitioner model. These sections can also be run as stand-alone presentations
  • Brisbane School Psychologist Professional Development group - if you are interested in connecting with other Brisbane school psychologists once a term, please get in contact
  • Development and integration of applied research
  • Pastoral care systems: identifying effective and efficient points of intervention

Other topics

If you are interested in having me present, please see a list of potential topics below (please note: this is just an example of topics – I would be happy to discuss any other potential presentations):

  • General information and strategies for promoting mental health and wellbeing (target audience – young people, parents, organisations, health sector)
  • Increasing knowledge of mental health issues (Mental  Health Literacy) and support services available (target audience - young people, parents, organisations, health sector)
  • Addressing stigma and barriers to help-seeking of mental health issues (target audience – young people, parents, organisations, health sector)
  • Parenting information and support (Triple P) (target audience - parents) 
  • How teachers can more effectively work with students with mental health issues (target audience - schools)
  • Engaging young people in therapy and how this can be more effectively done (target audience - organisations, health professionals)
  • How organisations can effectively work with young people (target audience - organisations, health sector)